Tilly vs Hannah





Tilly vs Hannah– Pro Style


Length: 17 Minutes

Hannah Perez is a gifted pro wrestler. Experienced and savvy. Tilly is a newcomer and she has her hands full. Luckily for Tilly she has some great weapons. Her legs mainly. Tilly stays in this match because she uses her legs to keep Hannah grounded for a big portion of the match. Using semi long holds and scizzors to keep Hannah from reaching her feet. In time though this method is fended off by Hannah and she gets down to business. Torturing Tilly with a number of cruel and painful moves. It becomes a back and forth battle of splash's, punches, kicks to the stomach, stretching body parts to the max. Hannah eventually gets Tilly up for what might be the most destructive finisher in Fem Wars. Hannah's PILEDRIVER is vicious and brutal. Knocking Tilly completely out and leaving her out of it completely. A pin by Hannah as she continues to bring havoc at Fem Wars.

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