Marissa vs Eureca Match 1





Marissa vs Eureca – Pro Style Match #1


Length: 11:30 Minutes

Marissa makes her rookie pro wrestling debut vs a local wrestler jobber. Will Marissa succesfuly make a winning debut? Or will Eureca be able to put a stop to the potential star's first pro match? Early on it seemed like Eureca would put a dent in Marissa's career. She attacks Marissa before the bell even rings and now Marissa is already on the defensive. Punch's , scissors, kicks, become a early focal point. Both ladies came to fight hard with all these types of moves and submissions. Marissa eventually turns the tide with explosive scissoring moves, hard knees to the stomach and even a ddt style move. Elbow drops and splash's. Marissa is on fire and eventually PILEDRIVES Eureca, but Marissa does not end, picks her up and TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVES her opponnent, closes it with a cocky undertaker pin andeffectively ending Eureca's career at Fem Wars. A devestating match to watch, but an amazing way to start of a career in winning fashion.

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