Regan vs Paisley Pro Style





Regan vs Paisley – Pro Style


Length: 16 Minutes

One of the best pro match's at Fem Wars. Regan brings her amazing pro style wrestling ability to the mats vs a new comer, Paisley. Who is impressive in her own right. This was a brutal battle, filled with punch's, kicks, elbows to the face. Damaging leg scissors. Pins, both ladies using the STUNNER as a move to finish each other off. It was not enough and the match continued. Pin kickouts, amazing reverses. This match might be the most fast paced and hard hitting matchup to date. In the end Paisley weakens Regan to the point where she could barely stand straight. Paisley uses the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER to finally end the night for Regan. Paisley leg hooks Regan for an easy 10 count pin. A painful end for Regan, and an amazing fulfilling victory for Paisley. Who now moves on to the first ever Fem Wars PPV as a result of the victory!



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