Vika vs India





Vika vs India – Pro Style Match


Length: 14:40 Minutes

Vika at 5 foot 10 towers over the 5 foot India. Such a lopsided match would make it difficult for India to even get any type of offense on Vika. To everybody's surprise, India did just that. She used her speed to get an advantage and got to use multiple moves on Vika. Vika at one point had enough and eventually took over the match. Both ladies tried to wear eachother down for a chance at victory. Submissions, punches, camel clutch's, scissor holds, and all types of other pro moves were executed. Eventually one woman took over the match and delivered a devastating piledriver to put her opponnent out for good! You can probably predict who the winner and loser was in this match! checkout Femwarspro.com for previews, upcoming shoots and more!
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